Japan's No. 1 100% Organic Natural White Hair Cover



Made with 100% Organic natural ingredients, Herby is a range of salon and home hair care products created out of a mission to promote holistic care for hair care professionals and their customers. In a single treatment, Herby covers white hair, rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth and nourishes the hair.


Holistic Professional Salon System

Herby is a holistic system for hair care professionals and their customers. In addition to being a healthier and safer hair care alternative, Herby has shown proven results for white hair cover, ageing scalp treatment and hair treatment.

Who Herby Is For

Herby is the solution for a wide group of salon customers with different hair care needs or hair concerns ranging from white and gray hair, damaged hair, hair loss to scalp problems. Find out how you can help your salon customers to solve their hair concerns.