Who Herby Is For

Solution for hair care needs and concerns


With its 100% natural vegetal ingredients including 9 premium herbs, Herby is an effective white hair cover that nourishes the hair and rejuvenates the scalp for healthy hair growth.

The results from the use of Herby have enabled salons and hair care professionals to help their customers regain confidence in their appearance, thus building trust and long-term relationships with their customers.

Herby is the solution for a wide group of salon customers with different hair care needs or hair concerns:

Solution to For customers who… Benefits
Ageing hair and scalp
  • have thinning hair
  • have fine hair
  • have thinning hair but do not wish to have hair implants or wear a wig
Healthy hair and scalp, thus promoting hair growth and minimizing hair loss
Damaged hair
  • have accelerated ageing hair and scalp due to long-term use of hair dye
  • have damaged hair
  • have lost the shine and elasticity in their hair
Repairs damage to hair and scalp, and restores shine and elasticity to hair
White hair
  • have white hair
  • have white hair but do not wish to dye their hair
  • have some white hair but wants to prevent more from turning white
Cover white hair without the use of harsh chemicals
Hair growth
  • are undergoing hair growth treatment and wish to avoid hair dyeing
  • wish to improve the effectiveness of their hair growth treatment
Healthy scalp and hair that promotes hair growth
Avoidance of chemical hair dyes
  • are allergic to chemical hair dyes
  • wish to avoid the use of chemical dyes for health safety reasons
Alternative to chemical hair dye with 100% natural vegetal ingredients
Scalp problems
  • have dandruff
  • have itchy scalp
  • have dry scalp and sebum secretion
Healthy scalp and prevents dandruff and other scalp problems